Dreadart ist bei den aufgeführten Netzwerken verteten.
Schau doch mal auf meinen Profilen vorbei. Es lohnt sich gleich doppelt! Manchmal werden spontan Termine frei, oder es gibt was zu gewinnen. Auch hast Du so die Gelegenheit mehr über mich und Dreadart zu erfahren, dir stets aktuelle Fotos anzusehen und mich zu deinem Freundeskreis hinzuzufügen.

This is where you get the dreadlocks you’ve always dreamed of.

Regardless whether you want them thick or thin, tidy or wild, short or long, or with colors and jewelry, Dreadart can give you the dreads you’ve always dreamed of. You’re not quite sure how you’d like your dreads? I’ll gladly help you decide. You can see my rates by clicking here.
After an in depth conversation about your future dreadlocks, and how you imagine them I’ll do everything to fulfill your desire 100%!
Starting at 15 cm, the following dread-variations are possible:!


Dreadlocks according to your desires:

Fresh dreadlocks made with no wax or glue
A dreadhead charmed by fresh dreads and a lot of sun

You have short hair, but you want long dreads from the start?

No problem with an extension using real hair or a dread-extension.

A question of style: closed (crocheted) or open ends? You decide!

You don’t want your bangs dreaded? No problem.

Maybe you only want a few dreadlocks? Everyone starts off small.

You’re interested in adorning your dreads with beads, felt, or ribbons…? Gladly!

Your creativity has no bounds: Just ask!

Please use the following form to gather more information, or to schedule an appointment.

Dreadart’s methods make no use of wax or chemicals.

Drealocks made with wax or perm-solutions don’t hold or are very unhygienic. I even keep my distance from the wide spread back-combing method.
Over the years I developed my own technique for making, extending and maintaining dreads.
I use a combination of the so-called strand-technique and different ways of using crochet needles.
I don’t just use a crochet needle like so many dreadheads do every single day.
I actually learned how to crochet, so that I could fine tune the methods I use to make and care for dreadlocks.

1000 dreaded heads of all kinds, ages, origins and hair structures, my work method, and my love of dreadlocks guaranty you beautiful dreads from the start,


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