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Dreadart actively supports Viva con Agua!

We have been able to help thousands of people – thanks to YOUR donations for our drinking water projects!


Over the past 5 years Viva con Agua has collected donations totaling around 1,000,000 Euros – today, thanks to the work of the community, more than 100,000 people have a higher standard of living because they finally have access to clean water sources.
With your help Dreadart would like to support the work of Viva con Agua. Only with our help can the lives of many people in developing countries be improved. We’re used to water of the highest quality flowing from our faucets. We waste large quantities of water every day, while in other parts of the world people die of t

hirst or starvation. Water is the source of life!
That is why Dreadart will donate 3% of every amount earned for your dreadlocks, maintenance or lengthening.
Of course it is up to you to give a bit more, or to donate directly to Viva con Agua.
With your donation.

Viva con Agua has Big Plans:

There is enough water for everyone! Lack of access to water and sanitary basic services are two of the largest social problems of the 21st century.

That is why Viva con Agua supports water projects and the world food program to provide people in developing countries with access to clean water, and sanitary/hygienic facilities.
Almost 1 billion people world wide lack access to clean drinking water. Furthermore, 2.5 billion people live without the necessary sanitary basic services.
These facts are the groundwork for Viva con Agua’s action to bring water projects from the WASH sector (WASH = water, sanitation and hygiene) to fruition.

Every donation generated by Viva con Agua goes to the World Food Program, which realizes the projects professionally and sustainably. The World Food Program is one of the largest aid organizations in Germany. It offers direct help: whether it is emergency aid in rebuilding in response to natural disasters or long term rural development projects together with local partner organizations, the idea is to help people help themselves.
For the past 6 years Viva con Agua has conducted professional fundraising to finance drinking water projects started by the World Food Program in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Diverse technologies are used to bring the projects to effect, securing clean water sources and guarantying dignified sanitation services.

Viva con Agua’s work has increased the quality of life sustainably for 100,000 people world wide with the help of water dispensers in Cuba, Deep drill wells and sanitation facilities in Ethiopia, well linings and hygiene training in Ruanda, drinking water dispensers in Ecuador, wells and latrines in Cambodia and rain water capturing systems in Kenya and Haiti.
PS: Currently, 94% of the donations go directly to different projects (the World Food Program’s water projects and Viva con Agua’s project creation); only 6% are spent on administration.

Projekt Umdenken from Berlin, Germany

Projekt Umdenken - BerlinProject “Umdenken” is online!
Establishing social entrepreneurship in Germany is at the heart of our actions. Let’s pave the way for capitalism in the future!
As a startup company from Neukölln, Berlin, we nurtured a tree from a small seed, as in real life. By purchasing a vehicle and turning it into the “Food Revolution Bus” we started on the road to the corporate market.

Projekt Umdenken – Tante Hans
10% of the money we earn by selling food and drinks flows into projects of our choice addressing issues from social work, animal rights and environmental protection, to sustainable development world wide. Depending on the location, we offer everything from lemonade and juices to hot and cold snacks, either to go or to be enjoyed on site. Transparency as well as access to information goes without saying. All our products have one thing in common: the contents are chosen carefully, were all produced fairly, safely, and cleanly – and with your purchase you don’t just do yourself some good, but others as well.
Project “Umdenken”, Neukölln, Berlin, October 2011

Projekt Umdenken – Fair Events

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