Dreadart ist bei den aufgeführten Netzwerken verteten.
Schau doch mal auf meinen Profilen vorbei. Es lohnt sich gleich doppelt! Manchmal werden spontan Termine frei, oder es gibt was zu gewinnen. Auch hast Du so die Gelegenheit mehr über mich und Dreadart zu erfahren, dir stets aktuelle Fotos anzusehen und mich zu deinem Freundeskreis hinzuzufügen.

The Story of Thistle and Dreadlocks

I’m often asked about “what else I do” or “if this is really my job”.
Dread art is my creation, a part of my life, and a large part of my self realization. I love and live making dreadlocks.
In the next few paragraphs you can gather how crafting beautiful dreads became my life’s purpose and how Dreadart came to be.
It all began when, at the age of 17, I had dreads made at a hair salon in Münster, NRW for “a lot of money”. I had had long hair for a few years, and I wanted to change something in my life. I didn’t want short or long hair, I wanted dreads.
At the time dreadlocks symbolized for me an intentional expression of something different, a visible rejection of a society, a love for Reggae and Punk as well as my personal freedoms.

For the first few weeks I was quite satisfied with the result of my visit to the salon.
I was told to only wash my dreads after a month, and to treat them with wax constantly. Sadly, after I had finally washed my sticky “dreads” there wasn’t much left except for a few shaggy strands.
For the younger ones among you it is hard to imagine that just 10 years ago the internet was not omnipresent and all-encompassing. There were no dreadlock specialists, no dread forums or video tutorials. The word “to google” hadn’t become part of our vocabulary yet.

As a young kid in a small town it was difficult for me to find out how I could turn my ugly shags into beautiful dreadlocks on my own, and I tried just about everything.
I was grateful for any advice given to me – I tried toothpaste, as well as thread and needle on my hair, all just to avoid having to cut it all off, but nothing really helped.

Leaving out the dread wax the hair stylist had recommended and washing my hair with curd soap were the first few steps on the tiresome path to dreadlocks.
One day, upon discovering a crochet needle in my mother’s work room I had a revelation!
Even though it took a long time, I was finally able to form my hair into dreads that lived up to their name.
Three years later, when I was about 20, I wasn’t the only one with beautiful dreads, but I had dreaded many of friends’ and acquaintances’ hair too.
Back then Pina was the first person I got to work on, and as I recall it took a quite a few days to dread her hair.

Practice makes perfect

The first time I managed to dread someone’s hair in just one day was 2003 in New Zealand. It was torture for us both, and even after 14 hours I wasn’t satisfied with the results. That was an important lesson for me, and I still profit from it today:

Beautiful dreads, just like any other art form, need time to come into being AND an artist that works without time pressure.

The Fouding – Traveling

After I completed my Abitur and finished civil service I flew to New Zealand for a year.
Once there, without any plans, I hitchhiked from place to place. I had decided against spending my time working jobs like those that had dominated my everyday in Germany. I was on the lookout for something new.
I dug out thistles in gigantic fields, built mud huts, constructed a stone garden in Peter Jackson’s backyard, worked in a mobile restaurant, taught photography at a free university and much more. It was all interesting and offered me many new impressions, but all these activities were very time consuming, and for the most part the pay was low.
After a few months I unexpectedly ran into a few people from the so called Gypsy Fair.
I was immediately captured by their wonderful mobile homes and the strange way of life. Long story short I travelled with them for a few months, going from fair to fair and city to city making dreads. Life was colorful and care free.
I only came up with the idea for the name Dreadart after my time with the Gypsies in a flat share in Nelson.
The first drafts of the logo were also born there in cooperation with a fleeting acquaintance named Dave.
From then on, with the help of a prepaid mobile, my poster and my business card I could advertise my dread service while traveling.
Again and again I met people all over the world, especially in big cities (like Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Melbourne, San Francisco, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin…) who were happy to have Dreadart dread their hair, or to have their dreads repaired.

Off to new lands

Back in Germany, I quickly brought the website www.Dreadart.com to life. Due to my studies, making dreads took the back seat, and concepts like “google marketing” and “page rank” were totally foreign to me.
Then everything changed.
My financial aid was cut, and resulting financial difficulties made it necessary to rethink Dreadart’s concept.
Dreadart was formed by countless loving people who laid the foundation for everything that is yet to come – keep an eye out and stop by the website once in a while! A lot is going to happen!

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