Dreadart ist bei den aufgeführten Netzwerken verteten.
Schau doch mal auf meinen Profilen vorbei. Es lohnt sich gleich doppelt! Manchmal werden spontan Termine frei, oder es gibt was zu gewinnen. Auch hast Du so die Gelegenheit mehr über mich und Dreadart zu erfahren, dir stets aktuelle Fotos anzusehen und mich zu deinem Freundeskreis hinzuzufügen.

See for yourselves: Pictures of dreadlocks, dread maintenance and dread extensions

A picture is worth a thousand words
I’d like to avoid any misunderstandings, and be honest with you and anyone else who visits my website. So, I’d like to present you with the opportunity to judge for yourselves and see the results of my work.

Here you’ll find a few pictures as good examples, unedited, and shot right after I finished my work.
You can see pictures of freshly made, freshly crocheted dreads, pictures of dread maintenance and some pictures of so-called dread extensions
Like I said, the pictures are honest and speak for themselves. Scalp is visible between the dreads, and you can see that a crochet needle was used. Dreads that stand up, and signs that the dreads were just made may not make the idea of dreads seem more appealing, and that is why you should see them.
These aren’t touched up pictures, like on other websites, of age old dreads, newly kempt. These are pictures of the results of my work.
Don’t forget that you’re free to decide on the size, style and placement of your dreadlocks. It is also up to you to determine to what extent the dreadlocks should be crocheted, and if the ends should be left open or matted.

Why I don’t put up any pictures of dreadlocks that I made a long time ago? Simple: just as different factors influence the amount, structure and length of someone’s hair, everyone has more or less time, skill and help caring for their dreadlocks.
Pictures of very pretty, older dreads might mislead some people, and have me dread their hair. And that is exactly what I want to avoid. No one should be lead to believe that they’ll have beautiful dreads.
What you see here on this site are pictures of my work, and what you can expect from me and my hands. Nothing more, and nothing less. The rest, that is the future of your dreads, is for you to determine.

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