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Schau doch mal auf meinen Profilen vorbei. Es lohnt sich gleich doppelt! Manchmal werden spontan Termine frei, oder es gibt was zu gewinnen. Auch hast Du so die Gelegenheit mehr über mich und Dreadart zu erfahren, dir stets aktuelle Fotos anzusehen und mich zu deinem Freundeskreis hinzuzufügen.

Why should i get my dreadlocks done by Dreadart?

Dreadart offers natural creation and maintenance of dreadlocks, also known as dreads.

Blond girl with sexy Dreadlocks

Her Dreads have just been done No wax, adhesive, so called matting accelerator (perm-solution) or anything else is used to make the dreadlocks.

It’s done using a unique and continuously improving technique that I have developed over the years. This technique allows for the best results in the least amount of time. Also, my work method doesn’t put any unnecessary strain on the scalp of the future dreadhead. Children and adolescents especially, will really appreciate this after a few hours.

My method for making dreadlocks:
Contrary to the backcombing method, I don’t use a comb to make, maintain or repair dreads because 1) it results in very few dreads, 2) the dreads become unnecessarily short, and 3) because this method is pretty painful for the customer.

Can’t I make my dreads myself?

Many people say that it’s best to make your dreads yourself. Sadly, many people realize only too late what they risked when they tried to knot their hair. In the end, quite a few people feel forced to cut their attempted dreads off. If hair stylists and afro-shops can’t even produce nice dreads, how is someone supposed to make them themselves?
You should ask yourself the following questions:

•    What do I expect from the placing, amount, length and style of my dreadlocks?
•    Will the look of my homemade dreads be accepted in my professional life later on?
•    Am I willing to cut off my homemade dreads if I’m not happy with the results?

I’ve given over 1000 people beautiful dreadlocks; Practice makes perfect! Fresh made without glue, Dreadwax or Chemicals

What you get from me are perfect dreads that live up to your expectations, exactly the way you want them! If you’ve already tried to make your dreadlocks yourself, or it’s been a while since you’ve given your dreads the necessary care, I can offer you professional assistance.
Additionally I offer dread extensions, dread beads and dread caps. You can find out more about my range of products here.

Contrary to the many hair salons and afro shops, I have specialized in making and maintaining dreadlocks with European hair. I am capable of making shapely dreadlocks in fine, straight, even frail and Asian hair. You dictate size and placing of the dreadlocks, as well as all the other details of your new head of hair. So, you are free to choose if you want thin or thick dreads, dreads that are all the same or a variety of sizes, and so forth.

Dreadart’s offer targets those of you who value beautiful and well kempt dreadlocks.

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