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Schau doch mal auf meinen Profilen vorbei. Es lohnt sich gleich doppelt! Manchmal werden spontan Termine frei, oder es gibt was zu gewinnen. Auch hast Du so die Gelegenheit mehr über mich und Dreadart zu erfahren, dir stets aktuelle Fotos anzusehen und mich zu deinem Freundeskreis hinzuzufügen.

Is your hair still too short to make dreadlocks or you don’t want to wait till you can finally have the dread-style you want?

A Dread extension helps immediately!

Dreadlocks done from short hair using a hair extension

Long dreadlocks made from short hair using extensions

When does it make sense to have dread extensions?

1. You hair might still be a little too short to make dreadlocks with. 2. You’re worried that your dreads will stand up at the beginning. 3. You’d like to wear great dread-styles from the start. 4. You already have dreads, but you’d like to tie them back because they always hang in your face.

The following is about the process of  dread extensions:

There are different methods to lengthen dreadlocks. On principle I do not work with glues or chemicals to attach the synthetic or real hair needed to lengthen dreadlocks. Just like when I make dreads, I don’t use anything but my fingers and a crochet needle to lengthen or maintain dreads.

Attaching dread extensions to preexisting dreads:

Using extensions can get you long dreadlocks straight away

No need to wait, using extensions you`ll get to have your dreadlocks just as long as you want them to be

To lengthen dreads, whether you have already had them for a long time or only for a few weeks, synthetic or real hair is attached to the already existing dreads.
Dread after dread, an amount of hair is chosen that matches the width of the dread exactly. This hair is then divided up into smaller strands, and worked, hair by hair, into the dread using a crochet needle. This way a strong and unnoticeable fusion is created between the extension and the preexisting dread.
In the second phase, the strands of synthetic or real hair are dreaded using the strand-method. Soon enough, strand after strand, dread after dread is worked into much longer and beautiful dreadlocks. You can find more information on how I make dreadlocks in the Offers section under “Making Dreadlocks”.
Finally, the extension is worked with the crochet needle. This way the width of the extension perfectly matches the preexisting dread. This stabilizes the extension and removes any outstanding fuzzy hair.

Making Dreadlocks with a Dread extension:

If you don’t have any dreadlocks yet, and you can’t wait for your hair to be long enough to dread you can have your dream dreads from the start with the help of a dread extension.
Firstly, I make a lot of mini-dreads with your hair. It has to be at least 8 cm to be dreadable, and to create a stable foundation which can support the weight of the dread extensions.
Similar to the method for extending preexisting dreads, I work a suitable amount of real or synthetic hair into the mini-dreads using nothing but a crochet needle and my fingers. The link between the mini-dreads and the extensions are stable and hardly noticeable.
Following this, I mat the extensions using similar methods to the ones used to make normal dreads. Using the strand – and crochet – methods, dreadlocks are created from short hair.

YOU are free to choose the length, size and style of your dreads. You can also find information on the different options in making dreads in the menu under “New Dreadlocks”
Important: Making dreadlocks with extensions is very time consuming. Not only does it take a lot of time to make dreads this way, but you will need to dedicate a lot of time and attention to your dreads as a future dreadhead. Dread extensions are the royalty of the dread world.
They make for a costly and time intensive way to your dream dreads.

Blonde dreadlocks

That`s the same woman as in the picture above. The picture has been taken just before extending her existing dreadlocks



Choosing the Material for Dread Extensions:

1. Real hair
2. Synthetic hair
3. Real looking dreads


Pros and Cons of the Different Materials:

Long dreadlocks made with an extension from human hair

These woman got her dreads done from scratch. Since she wanted to have long dreadlocks to start with she decided to get her hair dreadded and extended using human hair. She supplied the hair herself since she got it cut of years ago.

1. Real hair:
Real hair is normally very expensive. In addition, the hair on the market comes from developing countries.
There, people are paid pittance to cut off their hair. So called “temple hair” comes from India. The women don’t even receive any money for “offering” their hair. Instead, priests talk them into offering their hair to the Gods, so as to save their child’s life, for example. The temple is attached to a factory which then thoroughly cleans and dyes the hair, and ships it off to countries like Germany.
So, think hard about what kind of hair you want on your head. Maybe you have some, or a friend can help you out. Otherwise, maybe one of the following options is something for you.

2. Synthetic hair:
The advantage of synthetic hair is definitely the cost/performance ratio. Synthetic hair is really cheap and even in large quantities and lengths it is still affordable (around 10-20 Euros max).
Also, there are no moral qualms in using synthetic hair. The bad side is that synthetic hair is “obviously” fake. The dread extensions seem a bit too shiny. Also, synthetic hair never really feels like real hair or dreadlocks. It gets really bad when someone starts sweating and skin irritations arise where the extensions come in contact with skin.

3. Real looking dreadlocks:
Recently, I have been working more and more with this material to make dread extensions. Real looking dreads may be plastic (synthetic hair), but they are a) not shiny, b) soft, c) they continue to mat over time and d) they don’t create skin irritations.
These fake dreads have a good price/performance ratio, can be worn and last for a long time, and after a little while they can hardly be distinguished from real dreadlocks.
“The real looking dreads” can be purchased through www.dreadshop.de

dreadshopAll Dreadart customers get a 10% discount towards their purchase at Dreadshop. In the course of scheduling an appointment for dread extensions you will get a product-code, which you enter while making your next purchase at Dreadshop.

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