Dreadart ist bei den aufgeführten Netzwerken verteten.
Schau doch mal auf meinen Profilen vorbei. Es lohnt sich gleich doppelt! Manchmal werden spontan Termine frei, oder es gibt was zu gewinnen. Auch hast Du so die Gelegenheit mehr über mich und Dreadart zu erfahren, dir stets aktuelle Fotos anzusehen und mich zu deinem Freundeskreis hinzuzufügen.

Mobile Dreadlock Service

You’d like me to dread your hair, or you’re interested in some dread maintenance or dread extensions?
You have the following options:

1. You come meet me in Berlin
2. You come meet me in Münster
3. You schedule a house call

Dreads Wie und Wo Du willst! Egal ob drinnen oder draußen, auf Wunsch kommt der Dreadart Bus auch zu Dir!
Dreadart offers the creation and maintenance of dreadlocks anywhere in Germany.

Germany isn’t a big country, but some stretches are just too far for some.
Some of you already have family, and can’t leave the house for a whole day. Others have their responsibilities at work, and can’t get away for too long. Maybe you just want to have your dreads made where you want, in your favorite place?

A lot speaks for it, and I enjoy being on the road, so I have decided to continue to the mobile dread service to you dreadheads and keep making house calls.

If, for example, you live in the south of the Republic, in Bavaria, Stuttgart, Freiburg or Ulm, the mobile dread service would be as good an option for you as for anyone from Bremen, Kiel or Hamburg.

With the Dreadart Bus I can get to cities between Münster and Berlin, like Bielefeld and Hannover, or even to cities in close proximity like Potsdam, Dortmund, Cologne, Bochum or Essen without much effort.

Prices and Appointments for the Mobile Dread Service:

First, I’d like you to fill out the contact form.

The price range for an appointment varies from person to person.
The structure, length and amount of your hair, or the length, number and condition of your dreads are just as important in determining the costs as the distance I have to travel. Please understand that I have to include my travel expenses in the costs.

As soon as I’ve received your inquiry, including pictures, I’ll call you. In the course of our conversation we’ll discuss all the details, any questions and possibly begin planning an appointment.

Too expensive???
You’re interested in me visiting you? Don’t be shy, and ask away!
Often there is more than one person in your area interested in my services. This way the travel costs can be split, and the whole thing isn’t only comfortable and good for everyone involved, but cheap too.

Dreadlocks in ganz Deutschland

The mobile dreadservice

And now?
Just fill out the contact form, and send it in. Your phone will ring in no time, and we’ll go through the possibilities of when and where Dreadart can fulfill your desire

See you soon



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